World Water Day 2024


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 Join us in celebrating World Water Day by recognizing the importance of the Muskeg.  

“Muskeg,” originating from the Ininímowin (maskek) and Anishinaabemowin (mashkiig) languages, refers to a northern landscape characterized by a wet environment, abundant vegetation, and peat moss deposits. It encompasses various wetlands in the boreal zone, including bogs, fens, swamps, and mires. These peatlands cover around 1.2 million km2 in Canada, constituting 12% of the country’s surface area. 

Indigenous Science & Innovation Day


🪶Celebrate Indigenous Science & Innovation Day – March 19

Indigenous peoples in Canada have a rich heritage of innovation and ingenuity, enabling them to thrive in diverse environments for thousands of years. Their knowledge and technologies are deeply intertwined with a profound understanding of the natural world.  

Here are some examples of Indigenous Ingenuity in Canada:

  1. The Tipi 
  2. Canoe 
  3. Clothing & Footwear 
  4. Medicinal Knowledge 
  5. Navigating and Timekeeping 
  6. Sustainable Land Management
  7. Food Preservation 
  8. The Igloo

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