Message from WVC Administration

Registration for Fall Semester 2022 is now OPEN!

Thank you for joining us at the Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate.

As we all know, the summer vacation is very short-lived, and before we know it live classes at WVC will begin.  September 6, 2022 is the day that online classes will start, and NOW is the time for students to register for courses in Semester 1 of the 2022-2023 school year.

Registration is now open and students are encouraged to sign up for their Fall 2022 classes immediately.

Please remember that taking part in online learning requires tools and technology in order take advantage of the WVC school experience.  Students must have access to a device in their home (computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone), and a reliable internet connection is also a necessity.

A student’s committed and balanced approach to their studies, along with the co-curricular and extracurricular activities available at their community’s school, will enhance their high school experience. The friendships, experiences and memories will last a lifetime.

Students are welcome and encouraged to register at Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate for high school courses they may require in their academic futures. Keep checking back for the most current information about course offerings at WVC.

The 2022-2023 school promises to be a great one and we are hoping that you will join us!



Bruce Lyons, WVC Principal

Flora-Lee Trueman, Vice Principal


  • June 17, 2022

    Semester 1 Registration Open!

    To aid in the registration process, please view or download the semester 1 timetable.

    Master Timetable Sem 1

    WVC strives to meet the changing needs of the students and the member schools. Online class content is readily available with 24/7 access, complete with daily live lessons. Students will receive instruction, ask questions, express concerns, and communicate regularly with certified Manitoba teachers in our BrightSpace learning environment. Students are required to log in daily. Student success depends on regular attendance in class! Summaries of what to read, watch, and do are posted within each course. Progress is monitored closely, with teachers reaching out to engage students regularly.

    Click the Register Now link to begin the student registration process. To aid in planning and credit tracking, print out a copy of  Graduation Planner.

  • February 2, 2022

    Introducing WVC Principal Lyons and Vice-Principal Trueman

    A new administrative team, effective January 31, 2022, will be leading the WVC program.

    Principal, Bruce Lyons and Vice-Principal Flora-Lee Trueman

  • March 18, 2020

    Wapaskwa COVID-19 Contingency Plan

    Attention:  Education Directors and Principals, MFNERC Member First Nations and MFNSS First Nations

    The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC) supports your rapidly changing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 17, 2020, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) declared a state of emergency for each First Nation, and Manitoba Education announced a three-week suspension of in-person classes at all public schools, beginning on March 23, 2020. Short-term responses included local teachers preparing print-based work packages, but the recommended social distancing strategies to flatten the curve could last upwards of 18 months.

    Preparing for Educational Continuity

    With the infrastructure already in place at MFNERC, First Nations schools in Manitoba can consider other long-term planning options, such as transitioning student learning to an online learning platform. Assuming that teaching teams have salary continuance and access to technology and bandwidth outside the school, they may begin preparations to post instructional material online. Where possible, appropriate technologies should be made widely available to students as well.

    Under the direction of education authorities, teachers can move toward MFNERC’s online learning system with the support of Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate staff. Wapaskwa staff can prepare the learning management system (LMS) and a course template for your teachers to post any planned learning opportunities.  Your instructors may wish to carry out learning activities in the form of readings, activities, assignments, recorded mini-lessons, or longer recorded instructional sessions as well as other types of student engagement (readings, assignments, quizzes, etc.). MFNERC can support scheduled online meetings, live tutoring sessions, or video assignments that are possible from a variety of devices (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.).  Wapaskwa staff are creating training resources to support remote teachers and a webinar, “Remote Teacher Training via Adobe Connect.” At this time, priority will be given to accommodate teachers of Grade 12 students. As requests for online training and course template creations are completed, expansion to additional grades will follow.

    Communicating Your Interest

    Send an email indicating your First Nation’s interest in setting up online education to .

    • Then register using the online form here


    Please provide the following to

    • Locally appointed Lead Person’s name and contact information.
    • A list of valid emails of staff and student members, course names and grade levels for the course template that we will create (Grade 12 priority) so that accounts can be created.
    If you have many classes and students to register it might be quicker and easier to fill our registration Bulk Enrolments.csv

    Note:  Despite the best efforts to plan, prepare, and support schools and parents, a fair assumption is that educational continuity planning is being constructed for enrichment purposes. This is because there is inequitable access to equipment and connectivity to hold students fully accountable to be able to log in and/or meet the provincial learning outcomes and/or mastery learning.


    For more information please contact:

    Allison McDonald, Principal, Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate at


    Register online