Welcome to Wapaskwa

1) Student Registration

How To Register Help Video

These videos will help you navigate Wapaskwa’s Learning Environment

2) Introduction to Wapaskwa

  • Logging on
  • Changing generic password
  • Changing Profile settings

3) Accessing Course Content

  • the difference between My Home and Course Home Page.
  • Pinning your courses to your My Home Page.
  • Navigating to My Home and Course Home Page.
  • News and calendar widgets on My Home and Course Home Page.
  • Exploring the basics of the Content of a course, mostly focusing on the notion that the units/modules are listed on the left and that each type of page has a different icon (web page, pdf, word etc) and that once a page is visited it will show a check mark instead of a dot.

4) Logging into your online classroom

  • Allowing Popups in Mozilla Firefox
  • Adobe Connect System/Speed test
  • Logging into the online room in Brightspace D2L
  • Interacting with the online room (how to chat and download files and make a pod fullscreen)
  • Performing an Audio setup in Adobe connect classroom.
  • Troubleshooting sound issues.
  • Locating and interacting with archived recordings.

5) Communication within Wapaskwa

  • “WVC News” and “Class Announcements” and calendars
  • Notifications – Orange dot
  • Pager System
  • Email – sending, receiving, attaching documents, etc.

6) Submitting an assignment and exploring the Gradebook

  • ¬†Icons for PDF, word and dropboxes in content.
  • downloading and saving files to work with (pdf and word)
  • submitting assignments by dropbox, email or fax.
  • checking your grades.
  • reviewing grade feedback and links in feedback (assignment return, content links, etc)

7) All about Quizzes

  • Where to find them under the student menu (or in content)
  • How to tell number of attempts
  • How to tell how many attempts taken.
  • How to tell start dates/end dates/always available status
  • How to complete a quiz. Different types of questions you will see in quizzes.
  • How to review submission.
  • How to save as you go….how important it is to save as you go.
  • How to submit quizzes.
  • How to review your quizzes in grades…sometimes mark is automatically populated and immediately available.

8) The “students” menu and tools

  • Where to find the student drop down menu – its the same in every course.
  • Attendance – how to check your attendance and what is the schema used.
  • Awards – used in some classes but not others and what they are and how they could possibly be earned.
  • Checklist – used in some classes – how to use.
  • Classlist – what it is and how to use it for communication, also how green dot indicates user is online.

9) More on Discussion and Dropbox

  • Discussions – where to find on student menu, how to create a thread, how to reply to a thread.
  • Dropbox – brief overview once again of dropbox.
  • Email – very quick review of email and being comfortable with it.

10) More on Glossary, grades, links, locker, quizzes, surveys

  • Glossary – dictionary for the course. not all courses use them.
  • Grades – reviewed in a previous video. reminder to check grades often.
  • Links – website links that the teacher might want you to have easy access to. Not used in all courses.
  • Locker – how to create folders for each course and store files.
  • Quizzes – reviewed in a previous video. Reminder of what to look for and to save as you go.
  • Surveys – are like quizzes but not for marks….and a little differently organized. Some courses use them some don’t.