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aboriginal woman smiling brightly

Purpose of Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate

The Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate (WVC) was created to help First Nation students in Manitoba access new sources of education and learning opportunities. By offering a variety of high school classes in math, science and other subjects, WVC gives students the ability to ensure they meet all of their graduation or post-secondary requirements, as well as any specific ones that are needed for a career in industry. While many remote schools do an excellent job of providing and teaching a core set of classes, WVC is here to offer those students who are looking for more opportunities that will help them succeed in attaining their goals.

The Spirit Behind Wapaskwa

For us, choosing the right name for the collegiate was extremely important. It had to represent strength, perseverance and determination as well as symbolize the ability to adapt and thrive, no matter what the environment. That is why we choose Wapaskwa, which is an interpretive translation from Cree that means White Bear or Polar Bear. The spiritual interpretation of Wapaskwa is Spirit Bear. We couldn’t think of a more magnificent and majestic animal to represent the students and instructors at WVC.