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Purpose of Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate

For more than a decade, WVC helps First Nation communities in Manitoba by offering online course options to high school students to complete their Senior-year education. Students expand their horizons and skillsets by joining an interactive cohort of First Nation students registered in the online class. A variety of high school subjects are available and are delivered online in a safe, secure environment. WVC offers an expanded calendar of courses, some not available at local schools, which ensures students attain the proper credits needed for high school graduation or post-secondary entrance requirements at either university or college (industry-specific trades). Our teachers and staff are incredibly supportive in ensuring all WVC students receive the best educational experience possible.

The Spirit Behind Wapaskwa

For us, choosing the right name for the Collegiate was important. Our brand represents strength, perseverance, and determination and symbolizes the ability to adapt and thrive, no matter what the environment. Wapusk, is rooted in the Cree language, which means White Bear or Polar Bear and the spiritual interpretation of Wapaskwa is Spirit Bear. Our logo represents the strong relationship between teachers and students.