Current Students

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1) Introduction to Wapaskwa

  • Using Firefox
  • Logging on
  • Changing generic password
  • Changing Profile settings

2) Accessing Course Content

  • My Home vs. Course Home
  • Calendar items
  • Browsing Course Content
  • Reading new emails

3) Using Wapaskwa email

  • Replying to an email
  • Adding an attachment to an email
  • Composing a new email to classmate or teacher
  • Creating a screen shot of a online quiz and email it to your teacher

4) Taking a Quiz and exploring the Gradebook

  • Finding a Quiz
  • Importance of saving your answers
  • Reviewing your answers and marks
  • Viewing marks in the Gradebook
  • Understanding the Gradebook

5.) Logging onto your Online Classroom

Allow pop-ups for
Using Elluminate tools
Online etiquette
Viewing recorded class sessions (Archives)