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Applied Family Studies 40S

Family studies courses offer a preventative, proactive, and practical approach that is intended to strengthen individuals and families. Students acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make informed choices with respect to caring for themselves and others within the context of a global community. Students acquire strategies to manage the challenges of life in an effective […]

Ojibwe 21G

WVC’s second language course, grade 10 Ojibwe 21G focusses on learning conversational Ojibwe as well as reading and writing in Ojibwe (using Ojibwe Roman Orthography (alphabet) and Western syllabics). Thematic Units are comprised of contemporary and traditional Ojibwe perspective evolving around seasons. The unit content covers topics in Ojibwe history, language and way of life. […]

Physical Education / Health Education 40F (Active Healthy Lifestyles)

This compulsory full-credit course is designed to help youth take greater ownership of their own physical fitness, to encourage them to seek out activities that interest them, and to engage in active lifestyles into their futures. Students will study topics related to fitness management, nutrition, team building, relationships, social/emotional health, and personal development. The focus […]

Essential Mathematics 30S

The Grade 11 Essential Math 30S course is intended for students whose post-secondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics and science related fields. Grade 11 Essential Mathematics builds on knowledge from the ME20S course and provides a foundation for the topics studied in grade 12 Essential Math. ME30S emphasizes consumer applications, problem solving, […]

Ojibwe 11G

Ojibwe 11G is a highly recommended First Nations language credit elective. Students are not required to be fluent speakers, as the course is intended for beginning speakers. Based on thematic units aligned with the seasons, students should be prepared to interact, converse, and utilize video / audio to capture their evidence of language acquisition in […]

Cree 11G

IN DEVELOPMENT – will not be ready for 2020-2021 school year. This course will provide participants with the opportunity to develop and acquire the skills and knowledge to begin speaking the Cree language. Each student will be responsible for participating in the instructional setting to acquire new language skills and build on those skills using […]

Biology 40S

Although there are no compulsory courses in Science in grade 12, students are encouraged to pursue courses in Chemistry, Biology, and/or Physics. B40S is intended to give students a closer look at the study of genetics and biodiversity and is composed of the following five units: Understanding Biological Inheritance, Mechanisms of Inheritance, Evolutionary Theory and […]

Chemistry 40S

Although there are no compulsory courses in Science in grade 12, students are encouraged to pursue courses in Chemistry, Biology, and/or Physics. C40S is an optional science course that is required or recommended for many science related programs at the post-secondary level like medicine, nursing, pharmacy, genetics, health sciences, etc. The C40S course is divided […]

English Language Arts (ELA): Transactional Focus 40S

Students may require two grade 12 English credits as prerequisites of entry to some post-secondary institutions. The ETF40S course may be used as the second grade 12 English credit. Students enrolling into ETF40S should have a credit in ECOMF40S and have already written the provincial exam. In ETF40S, students will focus on practical applications of […]

Current Topics in First Nations, Métis and Inuit Studies 40S

CT40S examines Indigenous realities within contemporary and historic Canadian and global settings. The objective is to provide both students with knowledge of Indigenous cultures and traditions, and to encourage First Nation, Métis, and Inuit students to take pride in the accomplishment of their peoples. This knowledge will enable students to participate meaningfully as citizens of […]