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Current Topics in First Nations, Métis and Inuit Studies 40S

CT40S examines Indigenous realities within contemporary and historic Canadian and global settings. The objective is to provide both students with knowledge of Indigenous cultures and traditions, and to encourage First Nation, Métis, and Inuit students to take pride in the accomplishment of their peoples. This knowledge will enable students to participate meaningfully as citizens of […]

Global Issues 40S

In GI40S, students conduct inquiry into the social, political, environmental, and economic impact of contemporary and emerging global issues. Through their inquiry, focus is placed on questions with respect to the quality of life locally, nationally and globally. This course is based on the principles of active democratic citizenship, ecological literacy, critical media literacy, and […]

Introduction to Applied & Precalculus Math 20S

MAPC 20S is the Grade 10 curriculum available to students planning to pursue post-secondary studies in mathematics and science. This curriculum is particularly directed to students planning to enter science or the high-tech world of work. Topics include: Algebraic Reasoning and Manipulation, Measurement, Relations & Functions, and Data Management and Analysis. NOTE: Students entering this […]

Math 10F

M10F is a compulsory grade 9 course, designed to cover a number of different forms of mathematics, which will allow students to better understand the math that they encounter in everyday life. Also, mastery of the content of this course will prepare students to enter the mathematics stream of their choice. Eight units are covered […]