Greetings from Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate!


With semester one of the school year well underway, we would like to acknowledge the good work that you are all doing in your schools. Please see the information below regarding opportunities available through Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate for your students to gain high school credits in our online learning environment.   

The 2022-2023 instructional model includes: 

  • An online delivery model with live 60-minute scheduled classes with certified Manitoba Teachers. 
  • Teachers will be online DAILY for scheduled live exchanges in the online Rooms.  
  • Weekly class news is updated regularly with what students should READ, WATCH, and DO. 
  • WVC offers an independent, supported instructional model with live exchange sessions scheduled individually or in small groups with WVC teacher/facilitator as needed after 3:15 pm. 
  • Student attendance is recorded based on live daily attendance, with exceptions made for independent study courses.
  • Semester 1 runs from September 6, 2022, to February 3, 2023, and semester 2 classes run from February 6, 2023, to June 23, 2023.

WVC Requirements for Getting Started:

  • Since WVC is an online program of instruction, ALL students will require daily access to a device (either a computer, tablet or a cellphone) with reliable internet access.  
  • Once students have registered, WVC can supply students with headsets/mics, which are extremely important in the process of learning and interacting with the teacher online. 
  • Students can enroll in one or more online classes with WVC, while still taking local classes.
  • Concurrent registration is not permitted due to the expectation of daily live exchanges. A full load of courses is no more than FOUR regular enrolment courses (max.) per semester. 

Language Courses:

WVC offers grades 9 and 10 Ojibwe and Cree language credits to help students speak, read, understand, and acquire new language skills. Note that language development requires repeated practice and students will therefore be expected to allocate a certain number of hours to these courses.   

Self-Paced CREDIT RECOVERY Online Options

A variety of self-paced credit recovery options are available to students who have previously attempted but were unsuccessful in attaining course credit. 

  • A minimum of 35% in the previous attempt of the course must be on the transcript. 
  • There are no scheduled live classes – the instructional model for the WVC Credit Recovery courses is independent learning. 
  • The teacher will facilitate the course and provide support and direction by scheduled appointments (more than 1 may be required) when requested by the student during the time slot of 3:15 – 4:30.

If you require further information, please contact WVC Administration.

Edwin McCorrister, Principal
204-594-1290 [Ext. 3621]

Flora-Lee Trueman, Vice Principal
204-594-1290 [Ext. 2329]

Ēkosāni and Miigwech,

WVC Administration