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Ojibwe 11G

Ojibwe 11G is a highly recommended First Nations language credit elective. Students are not required to be fluent speakers, as the course is intended for beginning speakers. Based on thematic units aligned with the seasons, students should be prepared to interact, converse, and utilize video / audio to capture their evidence of language acquisition in […]

Cree 11G

IN DEVELOPMENT – will not be ready for 2020-2021 school year. This course will provide participants with the opportunity to develop and acquire the skills and knowledge to begin speaking the Cree language. Each student will be responsible for participating in the instructional setting to acquire new language skills and build on those skills using […]

Applying ICT 2 15F

This course introduces students to presentation software, video projects, animation, and web design. Terms and ideas are explored to create student projects within Power Point, WeVideo, Stykz and Wix. ICT courses reinforce and extend the knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired by students in the Early and Middle Years in the areas of Information, Communication, and […]

Applying ICT 1 15F

This introductory course will teach students ways to organize and categorize information using outlines, graphic organizers, spreadsheets, tables, charts and file directories. Above all else, it will analyze perspective within the media. In essence, the intent of this course is to dig deeper into the tools used for electronic communication. For example, students will examine […]

Canada in the Contemporary World 10F

CCW 10F is designed to help students gain a greater understanding of the society in which they live. They will explore the historical and current issues of citizenship and identity. They will gain an appreciation and understanding of “who is Canadian” while exploring the nature of our multicultural society. The political, economic and legal structures […]

English Language Arts (ELA) 10F

Grade 9 ELA 10F is a required foundations course. E10F provides students with a variety of experiences to explore and enhance their written and oral expression, critical reading levels, vocabulary and grammar development as well as an introductory study of literature that focuses on a more personal reader-response approach to activities. Students engage communication modes […]

Science 10F

In S10F, students develop an awareness of the interrelationship of science, technology, environment, art, mathematics (STEAM) and society through the processes of scientific inquiry, technological problem solving, and decision making. The Grade 9 Science program is comprised of four units of study. Atoms and Elements discusses historical ideas and models, common elements, atomic structure, the […]

Math 10F

M10F is a compulsory grade 9 course, designed to cover a number of different forms of mathematics, which will allow students to better understand the math that they encounter in everyday life. Also, mastery of the content of this course will prepare students to enter the mathematics stream of their choice. Eight units are covered […]