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Credit for Employment 30/35G

This course offers students who are at least 16 years old the opportunity to earn high school credit, either whole or half-credit (for 110 hours or 55 hours, respectively) in the context of responsible work in an authentic paid work environment where they can develop essential and employability skills and apply health and safety awareness […]

Physical Education / Health Education 30F (Active Healthy Lifestyles)

This course is designed to help youth take greater ownership of their physical fitness, encourage them to seek out activities that interest them and engage in active lifestyles. Students will study topics related to fitness management, nutrition, team building, relationships, social/emotional health, and personal development. To earn credit for this course, students must submit a […]

Essential Mathematics 30S

The Grade 11 Essential Math 30S course is intended for students whose post-secondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics and science related fields. Grade 11 Essential Mathematics builds on knowledge from the ME20S course and provides a foundation for the topics studied in grade 12 Essential Math. ME30S emphasizes consumer applications, problem solving, […]

Accounting Essentials 30S

Accounting is sometimes called “the language of business.” It involves identifying, measuring, recording, interpreting and communicating the results of business activities. It is used as a basis for controlling resources, determining profits, and measuring accomplishments. The purpose of accounting is to provide decision makers with useful information to assist them in making business and economic […]

Chemistry 30S

Grade 11 Chemistry is an optional science course and is a required or recommended course for many Science related programs at the university level like medicine, nursing, genetics, etc. This course builds on what was learned in the chemistry unit of Science 20F. The course focuses on theoretical and mathematical aspects of the interactions of […]

Desktop Publishing 35S

DP25S is a half-credit course, offered following Print Communications 25S. The desktop publishing component of this course allows students to plan and create a variety of published documents. Students will learn about, plan and produce print documents conforming to recognized standards. Topics will include; layout and design, photos and artwork, and print media and culminate […]

History of Canada 30F

HC30F is a required credit whose curriculum supports citizenship as a core concept and engages students in historical inquiry. Students focus on the history of Canada from pre-contact times to the present, with a view to understanding pivotal moments in our nation’s history. Through this process students will practice utilizing the following six historical thinking […]

English Language Arts (ELA): Comprehensive Focus Arts 30S

ECF30S course continues to deepen and widen students’ abilities to engage with a variety of literary and transactional texts. ECF30S helps prepare students for three English courses offered in Grade 12. Accordingly, students engage with and compose texts for both pragmatic and aesthetic purposes, allowing students opportunities to explore methods of communicating experiences and points […]

Biology 30S

Although there are no compulsory courses in Science in grade 11 (or 12), students are encouraged to pursue senior science courses in Chemistry, Biology, and/or Physics. B30S is an optional science course, intended as a first step for continuing study in Grade 12 Biology. The course aims to familiarize students with the fundamental aspects of […]

Physics 30S

Physics 30S is an optional course for students in the Senior Years and is designed for students with stronger math skills. Many topics deal with problem solving with mathematical formulas as well as theoretical explanations. The units include: Waves –includes sound and mechanical waves. The Nature of Light – deals with electromagnetic waves. Mechanics – […]

Interactive Websites 35S

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to design, develop and publish a website to display and gather information. Students should have the skills described in the learning outcomes for Web Design 35S prior to starting this course.

Web Design 35S

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to design, develop, and publish a simple website. Students are strongly encouraged to register for Interactive Websites 35S in order to gain an additional half-credit.

Precalculus Math 30S

MPC30S is highly theoretical and students who take this course should be skilled in algebraic computation. The main focus of this course is to prepare students for a future investigation of calculus. The pre-calculus stream meets all requirements for students pursuing mathematics, engineering and/or sciences at university. The course prepares students for a high level […]