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Ojibwe 21G

WVC’s second language course, grade 10 Ojibwe 21G focusses on learning conversational Ojibwe as well as reading and writing in Ojibwe (using Ojibwe Roman Orthography (alphabet) and Western syllabics). Thematic Units are comprised of contemporary and traditional Ojibwe perspective evolving around seasons. The unit content covers topics in Ojibwe history, language and way of life. […]

Print Communications 25S

In PC25S, students plan and develop their skills in creating documents for personal and business communications. Students will plan and produce various print documents, conforming to recognized standards and make business letters, labels and envelopes, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, research papers in a prescribed style, résumés, and cover letters. Students will participate in multi-user document […]

Life Work Planning 20S (Career Development)

LW20S is designed to help students uncover and develop their passions and desires. It will also help them discover what motivates and energizes them. They will take the first step in planning their future and acquiring the tools and skills needed in order to enter college, university, or the workplace. Students taking this course will […]

Digital Film Making 25S

Students will develop their knowledge of technical production by exploring different design elements within the contexts of film and / or live performance. Lessons include preproduction, production filming, and post-production with specific activities culminating in a final project where students consider set design and construction, sound and lighting design, filming, editing, and mixing. EQUIPMENT / […]

Digital Pictures 25S

The purpose of the DP25S course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to convey a message through an original image. Students will learn how to capture and manipulate a still image. Topics will include; Digital camera and how to use it, design elements, lighting, photo editing tools and picture manipulation. The course […]

Essential Math 20S

This course is intended for students whose post-secondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics and science-related fields. During the course, students will cover a variety of topics including finance, measurements, geometry, and analysis of games and numbers. All topics have number sense embedded within them. This course emphasizes consumer applications, problem-solving, decision-making and […]

Geographic Issues of the 21st Century 20F

The Grade 10 geography course offers an exciting and contemporary study of issues relevant to students and society. This course allows students the opportunity to see the interaction between the physical environment and human activities, in particular as it pertains to the environment and sustainable development. This course is organized into five major clusters: Geographic […]

English Language Arts (ELA) 20F

E20F is a foundational course designed to increase students’ knowledge of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing. This course helps students become more skillful language users in a variety of task and assignments that emphasize purpose and audience. Students expand their knowledge of literary concepts as they continue to build their skills and knowledge […]

Science 20F

SC20F is a required course which prepares the student for further study in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The course covers the four major areas of science: biology, chemistry, physics, and the earth sciences. The units of study are (1) Chemistry in Action – prepares the student for the essentials needed to continue study in the […]

Introduction to Applied & Precalculus Math 20S

MAPC 20S is the Grade 10 curriculum available to students planning to pursue post-secondary studies in mathematics and science. This curriculum is particularly directed to students planning to enter science or the high-tech world of work. Topics include: Algebraic Reasoning and Manipulation, Measurement, Relations & Functions, and Data Management and Analysis. NOTE: Students entering this […]