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Contingency Plan Teacher Help Videos

These videos are a resource for teachers using the Wapaskwa learning environment for the first time. They are intended to help you through the first steps of teaching in our online learning environment. These videos are intended as a starting point if you need more help check out our documents page. Also we are here for you if you need help understanding or fixing something in our environment we will connect you to one of our experienced teachers to walk you through what you need to do. Just email us at

Video 1: Logging in for the First Time

This video explores:

  • changing your password
  • Wapaskwa Home Page

Video 2: Introduction to the Learning Environment

This video explores:

  • posting content in the activity feed
  • teacher view vs. student view


Video 3: Using the Activity Feed

This video explores:

  • posting videos and web pages


Video 4: Posting Assignment in the Activity Feed

This video explores:

  • posting assignments in the activity feed
  • using the dropbox tool to submit assignments


Video 5: Using the Virtual Classroom

This video explores:

  • adding a new meeting
  • basic of the Virtual Classroom
  • recording your meetings

Video 6: Share your Screen with your Students

This video explores:

  • Using Chrome browser tabs in sharing
  • 3 screen sharing options in live classes

Video 7: Using the Wapaskwa Email Tool

This video explores:

  • sending an email to the entire class
  • notifications

Video 8: Creating a Quiz

This video explores:

  • creating a new quiz
  • exploring question types

Video 9: Using Quiz options/tabs

This video explores:

  • assigning start dates to quizzes
  • setting up a quiz
  • changing submission views

Video 10: Completing and Grading a Quiz

This video explores:

  • completing a quiz
  • grading a quiz
  • viewing a graded quiz