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Current Topics in First Nations, Métis and Inuit Studies 40S

CT40S examines Indigenous realities within contemporary and historic Canadian and global settings. The objective is to provide both students with knowledge of Indigenous cultures and traditions, and to encourage First Nation, Métis, and Inuit students to take pride in the accomplishment of their peoples. This knowledge will enable students to participate meaningfully as citizens of […]

Global Issues 40S

In GI40S, students conduct inquiry into the social, political, environmental, and economic impact of contemporary and emerging global issues. Through their inquiry, focus is placed on questions with respect to the quality of life locally, nationally and globally. This course is based on the principles of active democratic citizenship, ecological literacy, critical media literacy, and […]

History of Canada 30F

HC30F is a required credit whose curriculum supports citizenship as a core concept and engages students in historical inquiry. Students focus on the history of Canada from pre-contact times to the present, with a view to understanding pivotal moments in our nation’s history. Through this process students will practice utilizing the following six historical thinking […]

Geographic Issues of the 21st Century 20F

The Grade 10 geography course offers an exciting and contemporary study of issues relevant to students and society. This course allows students the opportunity to see the interaction between the physical environment and human activities, in particular as it pertains to the environment and sustainable development. This course is organized into five major clusters: Geographic […]

Canada in the Contemporary World 10F

CCW 10F is designed to help students gain a greater understanding of the society in which they live. They will explore the historical and current issues of citizenship and identity. They will gain an appreciation and understanding of “who is Canadian” while exploring the nature of our multicultural society. The political, economic and legal structures […]