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Desktop Publishing 35S

DP25S is a half-credit course, offered following Print Communications 25S. The desktop publishing component of this course allows students to plan and create a variety of published documents. Students will learn about, plan and produce print documents conforming to recognized standards. Topics will include; layout and design, photos and artwork, and print media and culminate […]

Interactive Websites 35S

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to design, develop and publish a website to display and gather information. Students should have the skills described in the learning outcomes for Web Design 35S prior to starting this course.

Web Design 35S

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to design, develop, and publish a simple website. Students are strongly encouraged to register for Interactive Websites 35S in order to gain an additional half-credit.

Print Communications 25S

In PC25S, students plan and develop their skills in creating documents for personal and business communications. Students will plan and produce various print documents, conforming to recognized standards and make business letters, labels and envelopes, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, research papers in a prescribed style, résumés, and cover letters. Students will participate in multi-user document […]

Digital Film Making 25S

Students will develop their knowledge of technical production by exploring different design elements within the contexts of film and / or live performance. Lessons include preproduction, production filming, and post-production with specific activities culminating in a final project where students consider set design and construction, sound and lighting design, filming, editing, and mixing. EQUIPMENT / […]

Digital Pictures 25S

The purpose of the DP25S course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to convey a message through an original image. Students will learn how to capture and manipulate a still image. Topics will include; Digital camera and how to use it, design elements, lighting, photo editing tools and picture manipulation. The course […]

Applying ICT 2 15F

This course introduces students to presentation software, video projects, animation, and web design. Terms and ideas are explored to create student projects within Power Point, WeVideo, Stykz and Wix. ICT courses reinforce and extend the knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired by students in the Early and Middle Years in the areas of Information, Communication, and […]

Applying ICT 1 15F

This introductory course will teach students ways to organize and categorize information using outlines, graphic organizers, spreadsheets, tables, charts and file directories. Above all else, it will analyze perspective within the media. In essence, the intent of this course is to dig deeper into the tools used for electronic communication. For example, students will examine […]