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Essential Mathematics 30S

The Grade 11 Essential Math 30S course is intended for students whose post-secondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics and science related fields. Grade 11 Essential Mathematics builds on knowledge from the ME20S course and provides a foundation for the topics studied in grade 12 Essential Math. ME30S emphasizes consumer applications, problem solving, […]

Precalculus Math 40S

MPC40S is a continuation of MPC30S and meets the requirements for further studies in mathematics, science and engineering at university and community colleges. The course is designed to give the student the necessary background in algebra, circular functions, and other non-algebraic functions such as exponential and logarithmic that are required to be successful in a […]

Accounting Essentials 30S

Accounting is sometimes called “the language of business.” It involves identifying, measuring, recording, interpreting and communicating the results of business activities. It is used as a basis for controlling resources, determining profits, and measuring accomplishments. The purpose of accounting is to provide decision makers with useful information to assist them in making business and economic […]

Precalculus Math 30S

MPC30S is highly theoretical and students who take this course should be skilled in algebraic computation. The main focus of this course is to prepare students for a future investigation of calculus. The pre-calculus stream meets all requirements for students pursuing mathematics, engineering and/or sciences at university. The course prepares students for a high level […]

Essential Math 20S

This course is intended for students whose post-secondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics and science-related fields. During the course, students will cover a variety of topics including finance, measurements, geometry, and analysis of games and numbers. All topics have number sense embedded within them. This course emphasizes consumer applications, problem-solving, decision-making and […]

Introduction to Applied & Precalculus Math 20S

MAPC 20S is the Grade 10 curriculum available to students planning to pursue post-secondary studies in mathematics and science. This curriculum is particularly directed to students planning to enter science or the high-tech world of work. Topics include: Algebraic Reasoning and Manipulation, Measurement, Relations & Functions, and Data Management and Analysis. NOTE: Students entering this […]

Math 10F

M10F is a compulsory grade 9 course, designed to cover a number of different forms of mathematics, which will allow students to better understand the math that they encounter in everyday life. Also, mastery of the content of this course will prepare students to enter the mathematics stream of their choice. Eight units are covered […]