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English Language Arts (ELA): Transactional Focus 40S

Students may require two grade 12 English credits as prerequisites of entry to some post-secondary institutions. The ETF40S course may be used as the second grade 12 English credit. Students enrolling into ETF40S should have a credit in ECOMF40S and have already written the provincial exam. In ETF40S, students will focus on practical applications of […]

English Language Arts (ELA): Comprehensive Focus Arts 30S

ECF30S course continues to deepen and widen students’ abilities to engage with a variety of literary and transactional texts. ECF30S helps prepare students for three English courses offered in Grade 12. Accordingly, students engage with and compose texts for both pragmatic and aesthetic purposes, allowing students opportunities to explore methods of communicating experiences and points […]

English Language Arts (ELA) 20F

E20F is a foundational course designed to increase students’ knowledge of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing. This course helps students become more skillful language users in a variety of task and assignments that emphasize purpose and audience. Students expand their knowledge of literary concepts as they continue to build their skills and knowledge […]

English Language Arts (ELA) 10F

Grade 9 ELA 10F is a required foundations course. E10F provides students with a variety of experiences to explore and enhance their written and oral expression, critical reading levels, vocabulary and grammar development as well as an introductory study of literature that focuses on a more personal reader-response approach to activities. Students engage communication modes […]