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World Water Day 2024

🌿 🍃🌲🌱🌏🌱🍃🌲🌿    Join us in celebrating World Water Day by recognizing the importance of the Muskeg.   “Muskeg,” originating from the Ininímowin (maskek) and Anishinaabemowin (mashkiig) languages, refers to a northern landscape characterized by a wet environment, abundant vegetation, and peat moss deposits. It encompasses various wetlands in the boreal zone, including bogs, fens, swamps, and mires. […]

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Indigenous Science & Innovation Day

🪶Celebrate Indigenous Science & Innovation Day – March 19 Indigenous peoples in Canada have a rich heritage of innovation and ingenuity, enabling them to thrive in diverse environments for thousands of years. Their knowledge and technologies are deeply intertwined with a profound understanding of the natural world.   Here are some examples of Indigenous Ingenuity […]

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