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Principal’s Message

Registration is closed for Semester 2 of the 2019-2020 School Year

WVC received registrations for online course delivery from many of Manitoba’s First Nation Schools this semester. It is great to see such high interest and participation in the Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate. Live Classes are underway, and students are busy learning not only the environment where their courses are held but also valuable skills in communicating and learning online with their teachers.
Since schools began closing on March 16, 2020, attendance in the online classes has been at a reduced rate as we understand that students no longer have access to their school buildings (computer and internet). Ongoing courses and expectations will be modified after spring break concludes. Students will be responsible for submitting work up until March 16, 2020, for their grades. If you need your work package mailed out to you, please contact your teacher directly (check course outlines for email contact). Our teachers are still working to help and support you and will put together a package for mail out if necessary.
We’ll be opening up our learning environment for interested First Nations who want to move to an online environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please have your education director or principal send an email to support@wapaskwa.ca to get started.
You are welcome and encouraged to keep us in mind for high school courses you may require in the future.
Next year’s timetable is being worked on soon, so keep checking back for the most current information.

Allison McDonald, Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate – Principal