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Principal’s Message

Registration for the new school year is OPEN! Applications are now being accepted to Register for WVC Semester 1 classes!

Registration for semester 1 of the 2021-2022 school year is now open to any student attending an MFNERC-member school. Students can enroll in one or more online classes with WVC, while still taking local classes. WVC teachers utilize a comprehensive online system to teach, communicate, engage, and support learning. WVC is now in its 12th year, offering more than 35 available credits, with more in development.
I want to first welcome all new and returning Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate (WVC) students! Continuing your education online is an excellent choice for this coming semester! You must have the tools and technology to be an active participant in all aspects of your WVC school experience. You must have a device (computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone) at home, along with internet access, so that you can participate in the online instructional model we have set up here at WVC. A committed and balanced approach to your studies, along with the co-curricular and extracurricular activities available at your community’s school, will enhance your high school experience. The friendships, experiences and memories will last a lifetime.

Students, parents, local teaching staff, and the team at Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate are partners in creating a school atmosphere of mutual respect that fosters a balance between students’ privileges and responsibilities. Students are encouraged and supported in their efforts to make responsible decisions about their education and their behaviour. Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate enables students to develop skills necessary for successful participation.

You are welcome and encouraged to keep us in mind for high school courses you may require in the future. Keep checking back for the most current information.
It’s going to be a great semester!
Allison McDonald, Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate – Principal